Teacher Training

Learn more about how our teacher training works, the benefits of yoga and see the latest training courses coming up from Little Loves Yoga CIC.

Teacher Training

How Little Loves Yoga CIC Teaches

We take an 8 limbed approach and use yogic philosophy – yamas and niyamas. You can see an example of this approach in the image across which includes the ideas of  kindness, peace, acceptance and non-judgement.

Our aim is to support schools to infuse yoga and mindfulness across education and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience for all and provide schools and communities with yoga for everyone including pupils, staff and parents.

Religion:  At Little Loves Yoga, we understand schools are cautious about respecting everyone’s individual religion but we assure you that yoga is not a religion. Although it has links to Buddhism and Hinduism, yoga is practiced by all people from all different backgrounds.

We do welcome discussions about the foundations of yoga within individual schools and our aim is to provide sessions that are inclusive, understanding and accessible for all.

The Benefits

The Benefits of Yoga For Young People














The benefits of yoga for children and young people are many and span from physical and mental benefits. That is why Little Loves Yoga CIC believes strongly that yoga should be an everyday part of a child’s education. A few examples of the benefits of yoga include:

Improves posture, flexibility, balance, strength, motor skills and overall health.

Nutures self-esteem, confidence and acceptance which helps their overall mental health.

Helps children to recognise their emotions and the emotions of others to help them form friendships and tackle bullying.

Yoga can be practised by any child and is non-competitive which helps to promote inclusivity.

Teaches breathing techniques that decrease anxiety and create healthy coping strategies from stress.

Yoga can improve on concentration, attention and behaviour within the school environment.

We know that budget planning can be difficult especially after the effects of Covid-19. We offer invoicing options and Early Bird discounts. We are flexible with bookings as we want to help it to be easy for each school and setting.  Do contact us if you need assistance to work on funding applications together or discuss your settings, individual needs. We can help you increase funding through successful grant applications.

Examples of classes

At Little Loves Yoga CIC, we know how important it is to instill good social skills in children to help them grow academically as well as socially. Our training will help you to use themes to deliver classes to your students that will help to encourage these needed social skills:



Following directions 

Self regulating emotions

Flexible thinking and thinking before speaking and acting

Using self control

Getting along with others

Appreciating differences

Showing and developing empathy

Coping with anger and frustration and disagreeing respectfully

Coping strategies

Positive self talk

Being a good sport

Staying calm in times of stress

Taking responsibility, accepting consequences and understanding choices

Yoga and mindfulness can transform a child’s experience of school by stimulating learning through movement. Yoga can be tied into any book or project that students are working through at the time. Combining the curriculum and yoga gives teachers an impactful, alternative way of teaching that could include playtime, story time and P.E within primary school age. This combination would also compliment secondary school classes such as history, religious education and philosophy.  

Our Courses

Training Courses

Online Teacher Training Courses

Our team has created a range of parent & baby wellbeing courses that has all the information and learning you need to create your own wellbeing business or add more classes to your exsiting business.

Available now.


Short 1.5-hour workshops to extend the range of your parent & baby wellness classes. Comes with 1 month free coaching and support from Becky

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Individual Coaching Sessions

Get one-on-one coaching from Becky for a range of different needs. Get the guidance and support to help you thrive.

Available now. 

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