Mindful Baby Dance

Leader Training

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to be able to confidently hold your own Mindful Baby Dance sessions and start living a life that brings you happiness whilst also delivering wellbeing to those in your own community.

This course gives you the skills and empowerment to become a Mindful Baby Dance Leader and create your own classes for parents and babies in your area.

Through this comprehensive 8-week online course, you will learn the benefits of dancing for both babies and parents and gain the confidence to practice and teach mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques.

You’ll develop the knowledge to lesson plan for your clients through opportunities to practice danicng techniques, baby yoga and mindfulness.

The practices you will learn can be taught to parents in person or online to support families and without the need for any extra props.

What You’ll Learn

The benefits of dancing

Babywearing and safety

Mindful Dancing and movements

Introduction to Chakra

Introduction to Baby yoga

Mindfulness techniques for parents

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Creating the perfect playlist

How It Works

Flexible course structure to meet scheduling demands

Our flexible online training blends two types of delivery, self-paced and instructor-led, for a supportive, encouraging and interactive experience, taking into account all types of learners.

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The Mindful Baby Dance Leader Training launches in May 2021. Register today and be one of the first to train in this unique parent and baby wellness practice. 

Training Schedule


An introduction to the course, what you’ll learn and how to successfully complete it

Module 1 – The Benefits of Dancing:

Learn the benefits of dancing for both parents and babies

Module 2 – Babywearing and safety:

Tips on successful babywearing and safety advice

Module 3 – Movements:

Learn a range of baby wearing friendly movements to use in Mindful Baby Dance

Module 4 – Mindfulness Techniques:

Understand the basics of mindfulness and how to incorporate mindfulness for parents into your sessions

Module 5 – Launching Your Business:

Learn how to launch and market your growing wellbeing business

Ready to Make a Change?

Register to become a Mindful Baby Dance Leader today and take your career back into your own hands whilst also supporting families in your area.

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