Masterclasses with Becky

Join our masterclasses to deepen your knowledge and hone your yoga skills.

“I have just completed Becky’s mindfulness course which was excellent. 
It’s given me the confidence to share mindfulness/ mediation techniques as part of my parent and baby workshops, which is something I was previously nervous about, because I haven’t really had much training in it.
Including these extra practices to my sessions, allows me to have a unique selling point from other standard baby yoga/massage classes within my local area added lots of extra value. It gives parents the extra skills to continue to practicing these methods effectively in their day to day lives.


Becky breaks down her sessions in laymen’s terms making it super easy to digest. She has a lot of varied experience and goes into great detail, sharing lots of recommendations and golden nuggets to keep my classes feeling fresh.  Her easy going nature and calming delivery makes you feel like, no question is stupid. I would definitely recommend her sessions to give you the confidence to practice and explore new things to add to your classes.”

– Carla Rosa Bentele

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