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Are you struggling with new creative ideas to bring to your classes? Want to be able to have someone to support you through changes?

When you sign up to Coaching with Becky, you will receive supportive, one to one coaching through daily texts or calls from me to keep you on track. I am interested in your brand’s energy and tailor my coaching to your needs and come loaded with ideas, an abundance of support and will share my experiences and resources with you giving you a little bit each day.

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I have recently been receiving coaching from Becky which has been extremely valuable at a time where I am ready to launch my business. I have had numerous setbacks for various reasons and felt very stuck. Becky supported my decision to rebrand and introduced me to ideas that I had not thought of myself. Becky has offered me continuous support which, I feel,  is invaluable to anyone at any stage of business. I would highly recommend Becky due to her experience and expertise within the baby and parent business

– Carrie Slaven

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About Becky

Teacher, trainer and mother

A former Beaver Scout Leader, Classroom Assistant, Youth Worker and Au Pair(In France and the UK), Becky loves working with children. Becky is also PVG Checked, has full disclosure, and is approved by Active Schools (Dumfries and Galloway Council) to work in schools. Becky is trained to teach kids and family yoga with Yoga & Kids and is a qualified trainer with an SQA in planning and delivering training sessions to groups whilst also practising yoga for 13 years.

Becky did her children’s yoga teacher training as part of her 500 hours teaching diploma in Goa, India with Sampoorna Yoga. She is trained to teach yoga and mindfulness to teenagers with Universal Yoga and is trained to teach children with autism, ADHD and special needs with Special Yoga.

First aid trained and fully insured.

500 hours teaching diploma

Fully accredited

Becky’s personal experience with yoga

Yoga has taught me how to respect my body and what it can do and has done and for its strength and malleability and for all the seasons and shapes it has moved through. It has taught me that I can be gentle yet powerful, focused but receptive.

It has taught me respect for supportive ways of living and being through the yamas and niyamas, the yogic philosophy. It has taught me about peace and stillness and the mind and body connection, that when I am stressed I am tense and when I am peaceful I am open, soft and supple. It has taught me moderation and presence, to seek pleasure and comfort rather than strive for achievement and for excess. It has taught me how to use the breath to calm anxiety or mental anguish, or to give myself space, strength and support. Yoga has taught me the importance of taking my time, to sustain myself and cultivate in internal, effortless endurance.

On a physical level yoga has taught me a way of moving and sending the loving relationship between your bones and joints (the Little Love connection), creating a healthy posture in motion and in stillness, being connected in your mind, body and spirit and self healing.

Ready to Make a Change?

Practising yoga for just a short period every day and talking about social issues that may affect the young people in your setting can help make a change in their life. 

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Little Loves Yoga's vision and purpose is to share yoga and mindfulness to create social change: more cohesion in groups, more friendships, strong communities, more fun and relaxation and gained confidence through yoga and mindfulness.

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