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Get training that meets the needs of your teachers, students and school or educational setting with our bespoke training services.

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Bespoke services

As well as dedicated teacher training courses, we also offer bespoke professional training services for when your school or educational setting needs something more specific.

This training can range from combating social issues such as bullying, low self-esteem and stress to teaching how to create lesson plans that meet your school’s needs.

Contact us to find out more about our bespoke training. 

Bespoke Workshops

2 hour workshops that help your teachers work on issues that may arise within your school such as bullying, low self-esteem and stress.

Bespoke Mindfulness Training

2 hour mindfulness training that works on specifically training teachers to deliver mindfulness tools and practices to their students.

Bespoke Yoga Training

2 hour yoga training that aims to deliver a range of poses and practices that can be delivered to students in a fun and safe manner. 

We know that budget planning can be difficult especially after the effects of Covid-19. We offer invoicing options and Early Bird discounts. We are flexible with bookings as we want to help it to be easy for each school and setting.  Do contact us if you need assistance to work on funding applications together or discuss local opportunities. We can help you increase funding through successful grant applications.

Who can use our bespoke training?

It’s not just schools and teachers that can benefit from our training programs, the list below shows that many other educational professionals can use our training to deliver yoga to children in their life.

Preschool and elementary school teachers, early years educators

Preschool and elementary school teachers, early years educators

Physical education, dance, and/or sports teachers

Principals or head teachers

Child psychologists

school counselors


Social workers

Parents,mothers, aunts, babysitters and kids care takers/childminders

Charities, NGOs, shelters or orphanages

Occupational therapists

Playground assistants

Pediatricians, school nurses

Dance or movement teachers

Club organisers, holiday club reps

ARC's and learning centres

Any other professional that works with children

Ready to Make a Change?

Practising yoga for just a short period every day and talking about social issues that may affect the young people in your school can help make a change in their life. 

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Little Loves Yoga's vision and purpose is to share yoga and mindfulness to create social change: more cohesion in groups, more friendships, strong communities, more fun and relaxation and gained confidence through yoga and mindfulness.

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