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Learn more about Little Loves Yoga CIC and our trainers and how together, we give a little bit.

About Us

Little Loves Yoga CIC

Wellbeing Company

Training Teachers

Little Loves Yoga CIC was created in 2020 as a way to share the love of yoga and to instill this love for yoga and mindfulness in others to promote a sense of fun and emotional wellbeing. We aim to deliver highly creative, compassionate and sensitive teacher training courses for people wishing to teach and share yoga with children of all ages.

We are a registered children’s yoga and mindfulness school which offers teacher training courses and workshops which are grounded in traditional yoga, mindfulness and education and accredited by yoga alliance India and CMA (Complementary Medical Association)

All classes are designed to stimulate the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of all children. The philosophy is built on the innate potential in every child and respect for their individuality and  creativity.

Our children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher training options provide in depth and rich training which are suitable for teachers, parents, and professionals working with children. 

And Helping Our Community

Little Loves Yoga is a Community Interest Company (CIC), which makes plenty of connections, and operates for good causes.

We tackle social problems like isolation, mental health issues like anxiety, depression and postnatal depression, bullying and low self-esteem in an aim to strengthen communities through yoga and mindfulness practices which improve users’ life chances and offers them compassion.

High-quality training for the few will be provided to schools and those educating young people and profit from this and other income streams will go into serving the many: new parents, families and children and adults in need of additional support like those with autism, ADHD or special needs. 

Little Loves Yoga CIC’s vision and purpose is to share yoga and mindfulness to create social change: more cohesion in groups, more friendships, strong communities, more fun and relaxation and gained confidence through yoga and mindfulness.

Meet The team

Becky Rose

Founder & Trainer

About Becky

Teacher, trainer and mother

A former Beaver Scout Leader, Classroom Assistant, Youth Worker and Au Pair(In France and the UK), Becky loves working with children. Becky is also PVG Checked, has full disclosure, and is approved by Active Schools (Dumfries and Galloway Council) to work in schools. Becky is trained to teach kids and family yoga with Yoga & Kids and is a qualified trainer with an SQA in planning and delivering training sessions to groups whilst also practising yoga for 13 years.

Becky did her children’s yoga teacher training as part of her 500 hours teaching diploma in Goa, India with Sampoorna Yoga. She is trained to teach yoga and mindfulness to teenagers with Universal Yoga and is trained to teach children with autism, ADHD and special needs with Special Yoga.

First aid trained and fully insured.

500 hours teaching diploma

Fully accredited

Becky’s personal experience with yoga

Yoga has taught me how to respect my body and what it can do and has done and for its strength and malleability and for all the seasons and shapes it has moved through. It has taught me that I can be gentle yet powerful, focused but receptive.

It has taught me respect for supportive ways of living and being through the yamas and niyamas, the yogic philosophy. It has taught me about peace and stillness and the mind and body connection, that when I am stressed I am tense and when I am peaceful I am open, soft and supple. It has taught me moderation and presence, to seek pleasure and comfort rather than strive for achievement and for excess. It has taught me how to use the breath to calm anxiety or mental anguish, or to give myself space, strength and support. Yoga has taught me the importance of taking my time, to sustain myself and cultivate in internal, effortless endurance.

On a physical level yoga has taught me a way of moving and sending the loving relationship between your bones and joints (the Little Love connection), creating a healthy posture in motion and in stillness, being connected in your mind, body and spirit and self healing.

Lottie Reeves

Partner & Teacher

About Lottie

Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing Practitioner

Lottie is an advocate for perinatal mental health & wellbeing, imperfection and feeling the feelings. She is a cheerleader for big dreamers with a superpower in helping you live to the beat of your own drum.

Learn more about Lottie and the amazing work she does at LottieReeves.co.uk

Bonnie - Director

Bonnie runs Little Wrens Montessori Childcare in Dumfries. She began working with children straight out of University, where she completed a degree in Criminology and Sociology. She worked in Children’s homes to begin with as a Support Worker where the children had a range of complex needs and no two days were the same. Here she went on to complete an NVQ 4 in Health and Social Care: Children and Young People.

In 2012 she began a position at a local Montessori Nursery working 1:1 with a child with ASD where she instantly fell in love with the Montessori approach. She applied for a BIRTS scholarship to complete the Montessori Teacher training and was awarded this after a very competitive application process!

After completing her Montessori training in 2016, all the while working at the Montessori Setting, and giving birth to her second child, she became self-employed so she could work around her girls. She supported various families within the area on a nannying and domestic childcare basis and using her Montessori training to support families to set up their homes in the best way possible for their children.

Currently Bonnie is in the process of doing her Level Three Forest School Leadership Award which will compliment what she does so well.

Lucy - Director

Lucy Rose Donovan has been passionate about wellness and movement from a young age. She was taught how to meditate at the age of six and believes it helped shape the person she is today and continues to use the skills she learned as a child to face the twists and turns of adult life.

She has danced for pleasure throughout her whole life and began a career in the fitness industry in 2011 when she trained first as a Zumba Instructor, then gained her Fitness Instructor (Exercise to Music) certificate. She has studied Dance & Movement Psychotherapy and Yoga Scotland Foundation courses as well as gained her White & Blue Belts in Nia Dance Fitness.

She set up and managed her own Wellbeing, Dance & Fitness Studio for 5 years where she specialised in teaching Nia Dance Fitness and Hula Hooping whilst providing a welcoming space for instructors of Yoga, Dance and many other types of classes and workshops over the years.

It was in 2020 that she found that she had to close the studio but also found the space and time to embark on a lifelong goal of studying for her Yoga Teacher Training. She aims to teach classes which empower her students to improve their health and wellbeing, mind, body and soul using movement, breath and meditation. She particularly enjoys working with the chakras and practicing in tune with the seasons and lunar cycles.

Our Values & Ethics

We value creativity, quality time and community at Little Loves Yoga CIC. We invite those to work with us to experience  a more positive and  enjoyable way to work. This way we feel we are all of benefit to the enterprise because we are happy and whole.

It’s less stressful and more enjoyable to work in a way that is sympathetic with your belief system, giving you a sense of wholeness, positively benefiting the enterprise. Honesty, truth and integrity.

We allow employees to spend time with their children. We will need office help as well as other coordinators backing us up in the future. We will allow these employees to express their creativity with no boundaries.

Our business is about creating value, developing relationships and valuing people’s personalities and skills. We believe in a work-life balance. We believe in serving society with what we have at a given time and showing compassion in what we do.

We are a business based on love. We like to value our clients and collaborators as individuals regardless of if age, experience or qualifications. Abilities, passions and values matter more.

Sustainability Statement

We Contribute our time and portion of our profit to nonprofit causes

We use recycled or hemp paper or finance replanting of trees locally if we cannot honour this

Use less transport by providing online training's or group training's

We endeavour to use no exploitative labour

We aspire to allow employees to spend time with their children

We use an ethical bank

We recycle where possible

We create communication and value in the community

We respect staff and profit share

We aspire to create healthy and attractive environment to work

Ready to Make a Change?

Practising yoga for just a short period every day and talking about social issues that may affect the young people in your setting can help make a change in their life. 

Little Loves CIC

Little Loves Yoga's vision and purpose is to share yoga and mindfulness to create social change: more cohesion in groups, more friendships, strong communities, more fun and relaxation and gained confidence through yoga and mindfulness.

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