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Give A Little Bit and notice the magic little things – Empowering those that work with children to deliver the skills learned through the practice of yoga & mindfulness.


Professional courses

Online and In-Person Courses for Professionals

Empower the children you know through a creative exploration of yoga.

Our courses help you to make your own valuable and unique contribution to the wellbeing of children in society and lay down a long term structure for their physical and mental health. 

We believe that yoga and mindfulness are powerful tools that can be used regularly throughout a day in the life of a child, and not just 1 hour a week.

Little Loves Yoga CIC delivers uniquely creative, compassionate and sensitive teacher training courses for people wishing to teach and share yoga with children of all ages and make it part of their lives.

Our courses will give you the knowledge and skills to practice yoga with children within your educational setting in a fun and safe way whilst also being used as an educational tool itself to combat issues such as bullying, mental health and many more issues facing children in today’s world.















Online Teacher Training Courses

Want to create your own parent & baby wellbeing business or add to your already existing one? Then our completely online teacher training courses are perfect for you! We have a wide range of unique courses available, click here to find the best one for you.


Short 1.5-hour workshops to extend the range of your parent & baby wellness classes. Comes with 1-month free coaching and support from Becky



When you sign up to Coaching with Becky, you will receive supportive, one to one coaching through daily texts or calls from me to keep you on track.

Practising yoga from the early years gives children resilience and a toolkit for life to cope with the fast paced, driven, achievement-based society. It provides a non-competitive environment for children to grow in confidence and self-esteem. 


Community Activities

Little Loves Yoga CIC is here to give back to its community as a whole and especially to those that might be more vulnerable or in need.

To achieve this we have a variety of workshops, events and more that will be free or partly subsidised so that yoga can be accessible for all.

To see what’s happening and how you can benefit from our events at Little Loves Yoga CIC, click the What’s Happening button below.

Community Workshops

A range of workshops to introduce yoga to the community in a safe and fun manner. These workshops are available to the whole community and to include your whole family.

Community Events

We regularly hold events that are available to the whole community. These events will often be held by Little Loves Yoga and other collaborators to bring variation to the needs of the community.

Shop Yoga Products

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Little Loves Yoga shop will be launching soon with a range of yoga products.


What Our Students Loved

“I have just completed Becky’s mindfulness course which was excellent.

It’s given me the confidence to share mindfulness/ mediation techniques as part of my parent and baby workshops, which is something I was previously nervous about, because I haven’t really had much training in it.

Including these extra practices to my sessions, allows me to have a unique selling point from other standard baby yoga/massage classes within my local area added lots of extra value. It gives parents the extra skills to continue to practicing these methods effectively in their day to day lives.”

Carla Rosa Bentele

“Becky’s classes are a true joy! She is a very engaging and gentle teacher and strikes a wonderful balance between the physical and spiritual (not in a scary way!) side of yoga. I learn something new each session and my body (and mind…..) love it 🙂 THANK YOU Becky! Can’t wait to find more muscles that never knew I had next week!!”

Arabella Yerburgh

“My daughter and I recently attended one of Becky’s family yoga sessions. It was a wonderful way to connect with my daughter, spent some quality time with her, and most of all have fun together! All of this took place in a relaxing and friendly environment. We can’t wait for the next one!”

Carien Kruger

Ready to Make a Change?

Practising yoga for just a short period every day and talking about social issues that may affect the young people in your setting can help make a change in their life. 

Little Loves CIC

Little Loves Yoga's vision and purpose is to share yoga and mindfulness to create social change: more cohesion in groups, more friendships, strong communities, more fun and relaxation and gained confidence through yoga and mindfulness.

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